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Adventure Princesses

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YMCA Adventure Princesses is a family program designed for a dad (or other significant male) and his 1st to 5th grade daughters. The core of the program is Outpost meetings and Territory adventures.

Program Structure

Princess and Explorer - Dad and daughter

Outpost - Group of daughters and their dads based on geographically area of their school or friends

Territory - Group of Outposts based on the year they are in the program

Big Creek Frontier - Group of Territories within the Ridgewood YMCA Adventure Princess program


Program Activities

Outpost meetings and gatherings - Outposts meet monthly in a family home and once a month for Outpost adventures.

Territory adventures - Periodically, Outposts come together for Territory adventures such as a parade, party, or campout.

Family-oriented activities - Program activities typically include games, crafts, songs, stories, skits, camping, and family adventures.