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Check us out at the Recruiting Rallies in September.  The membership year begins January 1.  Registration membership for the following year is accepted starting after the recruiting rallies. There are some events for incoming members during October through December.  Registration forms will be available through your advisor, Membership Navigator, or click on YMCA Membership Registration below.


Complete the Name and Address information in the top box.  Complete the Registration information section, checking the appropriate boxes for adult, child, YMCA membership status, gender, and appropriate parent-child program.  Complete the fee calculation.  Contact your advisor, Membership Navigator, or Contact Us for price information.  You can pay by cash, check, or credit card.  If paying by check, checks are to be made out to "North Royalton YMCA".


There is no additional fee for the father if he is also registering for multiple groups.  You can register for Pioneers, Guides, Princesses, Trail Blazers, and Senior Princesses all on one registration form.


Guide and Princess registration process is done by Team or Outpost.  For those families with multiple children in the programs, it is most effective to register all of the children on the same form, and send your payment with a completed registration form through your newest Team or Outpost (via your Team's Advisor for those with a new Guide or Princess).  Check the box which group you are sending your payment through.  To find out where to return payment and completed registration form Contact Us


YMCA Registration Form - Click Here

YMCA Instructions & Fees - Click Here

Send in with payment to newest group


I am unable to attend the Rally, but I am interested in: 

Guides-Click Here  Princesses-Click Here


The following forms are used at Recruiting Rallies before registration.

Guide Information Form - Click Here

Send to Guides (not a registration form)


Princess Information Form - Click Here

Send to Princesses (not a registration form)


 Trail Blazer Registration Information - Click Here 

 Senior Princess Registration Information - Click Here