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Doug Bewley Award Winners

The Doug Bewley Award, named in honor of an Indian Guide and Trail Blazer father. It is the highest honor given to a Trail Blazer father.  This award was originally created in 2000 and was called the Akekeista Award using a Mingo word that means - to be superior.  It was renamed a few years later in honor of Doug Bewley, a past Trail Boss and award recipient, who passed away unexpectedly November 30, 2003. This award is given to the father who has shown incredible dedication and has made significant contributions to the organization.  Following are Doug Bewley Award Winners.

2016 Ryan Myers
2015 Tony Cocita
2014 August Tischer
2013 Tim Organiscak
2012 Greg Peel
2011 Todd Rasmussen
2010 Chris Gallo
2009 Ken Everett
2008 Jim Zito
2007 Brian Zimmerman
2006 Tony Mazzino
2005 Barry Kostura
2004 Mike Iwan
2003 Tom Kiffer
2002 Doug Bewley
2001 Frank Pajcic
2000 Greg Peel & Don Hollenbaugh